Subzero Anglings | Take a Kid Ice fishing 2014

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Extra Tips:
  • Make sure all clothing and boots are rated for the temperature you will be operating in.
  • Move children in an enclosed stroller/jogger or sled covered with a blanket layer.    
  • Have a high BTU heater ready at all times for emergency warm-ups. Use an efficient lower BTU heater once inside a shelter.
  • Double check that children are not in drafts or air flows inside a shelter.
  • Change out children’s socks at some point while inside a shelter.

This “Electronics Package”, Flasher, Fish Finder or Sonar is at least 35 years old and not much different than today’s newest models. Inside are two 6 Volt Lantern Batteries.

This beige, 1970’s Lowrance Bluewater LFP-160 briefly coincided and shared an instruction manual with the "Green Box" FISH LO-K-TOR, a 1960’s predecessor. 

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